Season 1


  • Katie! Take that back or I'll punish you like the last time I turned your hair blue!
  • And then they left in a rush, hey where did I leave the brush?
  • Glitter, balloons, sweet tarts, rainbows, puppies, and pink hearts!

rThe Big RescueEdit

  • The word on the street is Katie has gigantic feet.
  • Never mind the clock, on this door put a lock.
  • Of course I get stuck in here, I wish I could just disappear!
  • Katie! You take back what you said, or else I'll turn your hair red!
  • Cherries, sprinkles, ice cream float, turn Andi into a goat!
  • Chole take that back and. Don't turn bb hair blue

The Big ChillEdit

  • I know goats eat everything even candy, but I prefer if this once again became Andi!
  • For now and forever and without a doubt everyone in school will freeze Emma out!
  • Emma ignores everything I say, so make me a storm that'll send her away!
  • I'll make sure I fix this battle, make him do the doggie paddle!

I'm a WitchEdit

  • All I wish is for Daniel to swim faster than a fish.
  • Three dancing girls and a fool, like Nicki Minaj make me look cool!
  • Someone needs help, to understand we're meant to be, so when he eats this pie, he will love me.
  • This Maddie chick who I'd liked to throttle, for now put her in the ketchup bottle!
  • A German Shepherd, a Cocker Spaniel, send me to a spot where I can spy on Daniel!
  • I don't want to be thoughtless, so make my room spotless!

Magic Fight ClubEdit

  • Locker, locker, open sesame, get me out of here as fast as a bee!
  • I'll be more careful I promise to, but for now this spell will undo.
  • You can't get away with this anymore, so now your feet are glued to the floor!

Monkey BusinessEdit

  • I was walking at too quick of a pace, so fix my mistake and repair this vase.

Monkey Business IIEdit

  • I'll teach her not to mess with someone so spunky, when I turn nurse Lily into a monkey!
  • I've waited about as long as I can stand, make the Hexoren appear in my hand!
  • Like the moon when it become dawn, let Andi from the box be gone.
  • Emma hasn't learned her lesson, in leaving us alone, so turn my phone into Emma's phone into my phone.


  • He'll say yes when he means no, left when he means right, Daniel won't say what he means, try as he might!
  • I have the power to break Maddie's spell, make Lily human again and all will be well.
  • As a monkey you've got a strong will, cooperate and just stay still.
  • She's learned her lesson, this I can tell, it's time to end Katie's love spell.
  • It's so great when opportunity knocks, turn Katie into a pair of Mac's dirty socks.

I Said, Upside DownEdit

  • Before Emma bores me so much I frown, turn this classroom upside down.
  • Like an invisible wave that goes by, send Lily to Iridium High.

I-Guana Dance With YouEdit

  • Crocodiles, snakes, I'm a female wizard, turn Daniel into a lizard!
  • no time goes by when your not having fun make my tub of icecream retern!

I-Guana You BackEdit

  • I know I look like a mess, so turn me into a dress!
  • From cold blooded to warm you'll no doubt enjoy, turn him into the teenage boy!


  • Hot summer days full of bees and snakes, turn Emma's date into a mistake!
  • Just like Sophie, Katie and me, a panther you shall be!
  • It's past it's prime, it's sung it's tune, so turn this flower into a spoon.
  • It's kind of drab and faded from the sun, make this couch look a bit more fun!
  • Not a panther, or a fairy, or an elf, turn Andi into her old self.
  • He couldn't get out in a snap, so release Tony from his trap!

Walk Like a PantherEdit

  • More than ever I need to disappear, so pick me up and get me out of here.
  • You don't listen, that makes my anger trigger so to teach you a lesson i'll make your ears bigger!
  • Four eggs in a basket, one in the pantry, lets have a celebration to turn Andi!
  • We don't want you here, you're in the way, so I'm sending you far, far, away!

Beach BallEdit

  • We really need some music in here, so I'll make Daniel's guitar now appear.

Lily FrogEdit

  • My anger for you is a premium, so now you'll sound like you swallowed some helium.

Witch's FluEdit

  • He's suffered enough I think, now lets make his eyebrows shrink.

Which Witch is Which?Edit

  • We've gotta get in no time to waste, so open this door right now in haste!

The Chosen OneEdit

  • She's done so much to teach me, to protect me, so turn this frog back into Lily!
  • East to West, South to North, I take your powers, forever and forth!
  • She's been along longer than she should, so send the principal away for good!
  • Lets test if I have powers, I want the whole school covered in flowers.

Season 2Edit

Runaway WitchEdit

  • Daniel can't see the council, not today, so send these witches far, far, away!
  • To send a text, my skills I must hone, make it look like it came from Daniel's phone.

Love Pie ReduxEdit

  • How I get clean, I have no clue, so for now take off this goo!

Powers by ProxyEdit

  • I need to sneak right on by, make me a spider so I can be a good spy.

The Fool MoonEdit

  • Sorry, Andi, in the end you're out of luck, so to the ground you'll be stuck.
  • Who did this to you I still can't tell, but now that we know let's break this love spell!

Daniel Who?Edit

  • I can't decide what to do and this might be mean, but to buy me some time, and make his memory clean!
  • We're getting into the danger zone, let's end this by blowing up her phone.
  • This crash will put Daniel's memory right on track, but he won't remember how he got his memory back.

No Can DoEdit

  • You think you and I are in the same spell bracket, but try to cast one in a straitjacket.
  • I wish I had a special tool, that got me ready for school.
  • Violets are blue, frogs are green, make my/Andi's room tidy and clean.
  • You pushed me in a fo, now up your hair will go!
  • I won't leave him stuck there, even though I should, separate this Kanay from the couch for good.

Werewolves in SiberiaEdit

  • This isn't where we want to be, send us to a place that works for me.
  • The Witches' council, fair and wise they may be, but from their punishment spells, may you be free.
  • Since I am now able, turn this into a party table.
  • I want these curtains to disappear, replace them with brand new ones here.

The No-Sleep SleepoverEdit

  • I can't do this all by myself, so hang this for me like a helper elf.
  • Fighting won't solve this creepy feature, help Diego escape from the creature.
  • This plant must of tipped over last night, it's too heavy, so turn it up right.

Outta HandEdit

  • Nothing elese will do, stick her hands together like glue!
  • Dad's punishing Daniel because of me, I wish I could help him with his lines instantly.
  • So many places to go, people to see, I can't do it all, so make another one of me.

The Emma SquadEdit

  • A mess like this it can't be seen, make this place completely clean.
  • Like a smile into a frown, turn this bottle upside down.


  • This was a mistake, it wasn't meant to be, get rid of all these copies, anyone who's not me.
  • Maddie's back have no fear, give proxy one big rabbit ear.
  • I'm tired of people telling me what to do, put Jax in locker number 202!
  • A panther you must never dare, turn this bench into a hare.
  • Like the bench turned into a hare, turn Emma into a ferret.
  • I knew this one day would come in handy, put a love spell on this candy.
  • In the 7 it's a little dark, let's create a rainbow arc.
  • Your magic expose will never be, and you will be loyal to only me!

The BreakupEdit

  • You're my minion, it's between you and me, a secret forever, it shall be!
  • For this girl my only wish, is that she can only speak gibberish!
  • Since she wants to become a lion, tiger or a whale, give this girl her very own tail!
  • Revenge on Jax, I still haven't gotten, turn the apple he's eating rotten.
  • I need to keep these things a vay, turn them into birds so they'll fly away!

Emma Wants a CrackerEdit

  • This bird isn't a parrot to me, back to a person you shall now be!
  • Where ever she is far or near, summon Emma right here.
  • This bird isn't what she appears to be, back to a human you shall now be!


  • This storm is not strong enough, make it scary and make it rough!

About a WizardEdit

  • He's broken the rules, this ends today, take Jax Novoa's powers away.
  • The boys have turned bitter, put them all in some glitter!

Beach Birthday BashEdit

  • I have to make Emma jealous of this guy, make Daniel irresistible to every girl who looks him in the eye.
  • My previous spell needs a wider reach, expand it to include all the girls on the beach.
  • This magic trick has turned into a huge blunder, get rid of the spell that Daniel's under.
  • We need to save him from doom, bring Philip to my room.

Zombie BoyfriendEdit

  • Before Andi has a cow, open this door now!
  • From where you attack, you have to go back!
  • Bring her back from where she came, take Andi right out of that game.
  • There's to much risk at vay, for that we must send Lily away.
  • Where ever he is far or near, summon Philip to appear right here.

Andi & Philip, Sittin' in a TreeEdit

  • Of this formula we only have the fraction, reveal the other half to produce the correct reaction.
  • This shoe will reveal, if what Lily said was real.
  • Doing this spell I thought I'd never, but turn this dog into a boy that will love Katie forever.
  • Your danger and you can't be tame, go back to where you came, back to the game.
  • The wrong witch is in limbo I fear, take Lily out and send her here.

The AbyssEdit

  • We can't be in here anymore, we gotta go, so unlock this door.
  • As the leaf falls from the tree, from this spell may you be free.

I'll Stop the WorldEdit

  • I'm gonna fill this room, with my snakes of doom.
  • This process is to slow, let's speed up the flow!
  • Now that your cover is blown, I'm turning you into stone!

Emma vs. EmmaEdit

  • Two black cats and a crow, to the brain convention you will go.
  • We have no more time, turn Daniel into a lime.